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The Matt Wates Sextet


Matt Wates - alto sax, flute
Steve Kaldestad - tenor sax
Martin Shaw - trumpet, flugelhorn
Leon Greening - piano
Malcolm Creese - double bass
Jim Hart - drums (tracks 1,3,7,9,11), vibraphone
Steve Brown - drums (tracks 2,4,5,6,8,10,12)

1. Swerve (Matt Wates) 6.23
2. The Night Watchman (Matt Wates) 5.28
3. Gilgamesh (Matt Wates) 5.10
4. Talk Of The Devil (Matt Wates) 5.36
5. Pau d'Acucar (Matt Wates) 4.32
6. Chelsea Bridge (Billy Strayhorn, arr. Wates) 6.29
7. People Will Talk (Matt Wates) 4.41
8. Endgame (Matt Wates) 4.15
9. Indigo Child (Matt Wates) 3.34
10. The Haymaker (Matt Wates) 5.28
11. Ballad for Michael Brecker (Matt Wates) 4.01
12. Same Old Lies (Matt Wates) 5.53


Matt Wates - alto sax, flute
Steve Kaldestad - tenor sax
Martin Shaw - trumpet, flugelhorn
Leon Greening - piano
Julian Bury - double bass
Matt Home - drums
Heather Nicoll - bass clarinet (track 2)

1. Strange Quarks (Matt Wates) 5.32
2. Better than Nothing (Matt Wates) 6.47
3. Pretty White Horses (Matt Wates) 5.28
4. Staines Regatta (Matt Wates) 5.55
5. Now Hear This (Matt Wates) 5.56
6. Shango (Matt Wates) 5.17
7. When I Fall in Love (Victor Young, arr. Wates) 5.32
8. The Low Down (Matt Wates) 7.08
9. Toccata (Matt Wates) 3.45
10. Watching the World Go By (Matt Wates) 6.29

2 CD total time: 120:39

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Bob Whitney
Design by Suzy Waller
Portrait of Matt Wates by Julia Wates
Cover: 'Party People' by Amanda Tomasoa
Thanks to Geoff Castle for the keyboard,
Phil Lee for the chords on Chelsea Bridge
Produced by Malcolm Creese

ABCD 5028
© 2011 Audio-B Ltd

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We all know you're not supposed to blow your own trumpet (no pun intended). But these, our ninth and tenth albums, are the fifth and sixth in a row with mostly the same people. We've even used the same recording engineer, the great Bob Whitney and the same studio, Mark Angelo in Acton. I really don't think there's that many bands that can boast the same level of continuity.

We've got into a bit of a groove. Early in the year, when things are quiet, that's when we go into the studio. Then out we go out on the road. And all the time, I'm thinking about the next album. That's always my favourite album - the next one.

You see, I realized a while back that if you want a band to stay together, you have to have new stuff to play. Otherwise, the band doesn't last very long.

So that's why I keep writing, and why we keep making records (this time, we found ourselves with enough material for a double album). But that's why the band keeps going; that, and the fact that we happen to love to play together. If you know of anyone who plays any better than Martin, Steves K and B, Leon, Malcolm, Jim, Matt H or Julian, I'd sure love to meet them.

But if it ain't broke...

So welcome to numbers nine and ten.

Matt Wates Summer 2010

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