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Acoustic Triangle has released four albums on the Audio-B label. The first - Interactions (2001) - featured Malcolm Creese (double bass), John Horler (piano) and Tim Garland (saxophones and bass clarinet). For the second - Catalyst (2003) - Gwilym Simcock was introduced on piano, and the line-up is the same for the third - Resonance (2005), with Gwilym playing French horn on one track as well as piano. The first two albums were recorded in the fine acoustic of St. George's, Bristol, and Resonance was recorded live during concerts in two magnificent churches - Romsey and Dorchester Abbeys.

On the fourth CD - 3 Dimensions (2008) the trio is joined by six world-class string players - The Sacconi Strings - who are featured as soloists and fully integrated members of the group. The album features brand new compositions by Tim Garland and Gwilym Simcock which were performed during Acoustic Triangle's major tour of Cathedrals and Abbeys in 2008.

Interactions is available in two formats: regular CD and Hybrid Super Audio CD. Catalyst is just issued as a Hybrid Super Audio CD, which will play on all CD and SACD players. Resonance and 3 Dimensions are available in regular CD format only. Please see below for more information on SACD.



Early in 2000, Audio-B shared a stand with several other independent British jazz labels at MIDEM, the huge industry trade fair in Cannes, France. British jazz had never been represented at MIDEM before, and the trip proved extremely beneficial. A chance meeting between Audio-B's Malcolm Creese and David Walstra, head of research and development at Sony Europe, resulted in a very special partnership.

Two industry giants, Sony and Philips, were jointly developing the new SACD recorded-music format (Super Audio Compact Disc). David Walstra wanted to help independent 'audiophile' labels to adopt the new technology. Having studied Audio-B's existing recordings, and following further meetings in London, David invited us to work with Sony on the pioneering project because of the 'wonderful sound and attention to detail' on our CDs. We were delighted, as one of the smallest record labels, to be picked to work in partnership with one of the very largest music companies in the world.

The technology is called DSD (Direct Stream Digital), and it allows a warmth and accuracy previously impossible with digital recording. The sound has been likened to the best analogue records, but without any of the background noise and distortion problems associated with them. You do need a new disc-player to appreciate it, but the difference is astonishing! Our first SACD release was Acoustic Triangle's Interactions. Sony sent over its prototype equipment and one of its top engineers from Holland to supervise the recording. The company then assigned its top sound engineer in London, Bob Whitney, to mix and master the recording. Bob and Malcolm Creese worked on it for two weeks, at Sony's London studios. It then went off to Holland for the final 'authoring' process before being manufactured in the first SACD pressing plant - in Austria.

The album has been released in regular CD form, as well as the new 'hybrid Super Audio CD' format, which includes a six-channel surround-sound mix. In fact the 'hybrid' SACD disc contains three different versions of the album - regular stereo CD, stereo DSD and multi-channel DSD. This means that it can be played on any CD or SACD player. Interactions was the first jazz release of this kind in Britain.

Our second SACD release was Catalyst in 2004, and again Audio-B decided to employ the SACD system. This album is only available as a hybrid SACD, but at the regular CD price - a real bonus. Again, it plays on all disc players.

Audio-B is dedicated to great sound. We are keen to be ahead of our competitors when it comes to new technology, and the Interactions and Catalyst SACDs are proof. Both albums have collected numerous awards and received extensive praise in the music and hi-fi press.

For more technical information about SACD please visit SACD at Sony.

Acoustic Triangle
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